Low Specificity of Determine HIV1/2 RDT Using Whole Blood in South West Tanzania

Inge Kroidl ,Petra Clowes ,Wolfram Mwalongo,Lucas Maganga,Leonard Maboko,Arne L. Kroidl,Christof Geldmacher,Harun Machibya,Michael Hoelscher,Elmar Saathoff

To evaluate the diagnostic performance of two rapid detection tests (RDTs) for HIV 1/2 in plasma and in whole blood samples. Methods More than 15,000 study subjects above the age of two years participated in two rounds of a cohort study to determine the prevalence of HIV. HIV testing was performed using the Determine HIV 1/2 test (Abbott) in the first (2006/2007) and the HIV 1/2 STAT-PAK Dipstick .......

Published at:  2012-06-29

Increased and Expedited Case Detection by Xpert MTB/RIF Assay in Childhood Tuberculosis: A Prospective Cohort Study

Andrea Rachow, Petra Clowes, Elmar Saathoff, Bariki Mtafya, Epiphania Michael, Elias N. Ntinginya, Dickens Kowour, Gabriel Rojas-Ponce, Arne Kroidl, Leonard Maboko, Norbert Heinrich, Klaus Reither, Michael Hoelscher

Diagnosis and timely treatment of tuberculosis in children is hampered by the absence of fast and reliable tests, especially in the era of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The aim of this study was to evaluate the diagnostic performance of the Xpert MTB/RIF assay (Xpert) in children with suspected tuberculosis in a high tuberculosis/HIV-burden setting.

Published at:  2012-04-03

High Seroprevalence of Rift Valley Fever and Evidence for Endemic Circulation in Mbeya Region, Tanzania, in a Cross-Sectional Study

Norbert Heinrich ,Elmar Saathoff ,Nina Weller,Petra Clowes,Inge Kroidl,Elias Ntinginya,Harun Machibya,Leonard Maboko,Thomas Löscher,Gerhard Dobler,Michael Hoelscher

The Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV) is an arthropod-borne phlebovirus. RVFV mostly causes outbreaks among domestic ruminants with a major economic impact. Human infections are associated with these events, with a fatality rate of 0.5–2%. Since the virus is able to use many mosquito species of temperate climates as vectors, it has a high potential to spread to outside Africa.

Published at:  2012-03-27

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