Low Specificity of Determine HIV1/2 RDT Using Whole Blood in South West Tanzania

Inge Kroidl ,Petra Clowes ,Wolfram Mwalongo,Lucas Maganga,Leonard Maboko,Arne L. Kroidl,Christof Geldmacher,Harun Machibya,Michael Hoelscher,Elmar Saathoff

To evaluate the diagnostic performance of two rapid detection tests (RDTs) for HIV 1/2 in plasma and in whole blood samples. Methods More than 15,000 study subjects above the age of two years participated in two rounds of a cohort study to determine the prevalence of HIV. HIV testing was performed using the Determine HIV 1/2 test (Abbott) in the first (2006/2007) and the HIV 1/2 STAT-PAK Dipstick .......

Published at:  2012-06-29

CD8 T-Cell Recognition of Multiple Epitopes within Specific Gag Regions Is Associated with Maintenance of a Low Steady-State Viremia in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1-Seropositive Patients

Authors: Christof Geldmacher, Jeffrey R. Currier, Eva Herrmann, Antelmo Haule, Ellen Kuta, Francine McCutchan, Lilian Njovu, Steffen Geis, Oliver Hoffmann, Leonard Maboko, Carolyn Williamson, Deborah Birx, Andreas Meyerhans, Josephine Cox, Michael Hoelscher

The importance of HLA class I-restricted CD8 T-cell responses in the control of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection is generally accepted. While several studies have shown an association of certain HLA class I alleles with slower disease progression, it is not fully established whether this effect is mediated by HIV-specific CD8 T-cell responses restricted by these alleles. In order to study the influence of the HLA class I alleles on the HIV-specific CD8 T-cell.....

Published at:  2007-03-01

Molecular surveillance of drug-resistance associated mutations of Plasmodium falciparum in south-west Tanzania

Mirjam Schönfeld, Isabel Barreto Miranda, Mirjam Schunk, Ibrahim Maduhu, Leonard Maboko, Michael Hoelscher, Nicole Berens-Riha, Andrew Kitua & Thomas Löscher

In Tanzania, drug-resistant malaria parasites are an increasing public health concern. Because of widespread chloroquine (CQ) resistance Tanzania changed its first line treatment recommendations for uncomplicated malaria from CQ to sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (SP) in 2001. Loss of SP sensitivity is progressing rapidly. SP resistance is associated with mutations in the dihydrofolate reductase (pfdhfr) and dihydropteroate synthase (pfdhps) genes.

Published at:  2007-01-15

In a mixed subtype epidemic, the HIV-1 Gag-specific T-cell response is biased towards the infecting subtype

Geldmacher, Christofa,b; Currier, Jeffrey Rc; Gerhardt, Martinab; Haule, Antelmoa; Maboko, Leonarda; Birx, Deborahc; Gray, Clived; Meyerhans, Andrease; Cox, Josephinec; Hoelscher, Michaelb

Southwest Tanzania is affected by an HIV-1 epidemic consisting of subtypes A, C, and D, and their recombinant forms. This study was designed to assess whether the Gag- and Nef-specific T-cell response is biased towards recognizing the infecting subtype.

Published at:  2007-01-11

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