Systematic assessment of clinical and bacteriological markers for tuberculosis reveals discordance and inaccuracy of symptom-based diagnosis for treatment response monitoring

Authors: Bariki Mtafya1,2*, Issa Sabi1, Joseph John1, Emanuel Sichone1, Wilyhelmina Olomi1, Stephen H. Gillespie2, Nyanda E. Ntinginya1† and Wilber Sabiiti2†

Clinical symptoms are the benchmark of tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis and monitoring of treatment response but are not clear how they relate to TB bacteriology, particularly the novel tuberculosis-molecular bacterial load assay (TB-MBLA).

Published at:  2022-10-28

Prevalence, clusters, and burden of complex tuberculosis multimorbidity in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Alexander Jarde, Ruimin Ma, Olamide O. Todowede, Abdul Latif, Aashifa Yaqoob, Saima Afaq, Tarana Ferdous, Ewan M Tomeny, Laura Rosu, Lucy Elauteri Mrema, Shagoofa Rakhshanda, Sheraz Fazid, Farah Naz Rahman, Uzochukwu Egere, Asma Elsony, Helen Elsey, Kamran Siddiqi, Brendon Stubbs, View ORCID ProfileNajma Siddiqi

The co-occurrence of tuberculosis (TB) and multiple chronic communicable and non-communicable diseases is a growing concern in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Understanding this ‘complex TB multimorbidity’ (cTBMM) can contribute to improved patient care. We aimed to synthesise the prevalence of clusters of cTBMM and their impact on patient outcomes....

Published at:  2022-09-23

Phylogenetic lineages of tuberculosis isolates and their association with patient demographics in Tanzania

uthors: Beatrice Kemilembe Mutayoba, Michael Hoelscher, Norbert Heinrich, Moses L. Joloba, Eligius Lyamuya, Andrew Martin Kilale, Nyagosya Segere Range, Bernard James Ngowi, Nyanda Elias Ntinginya, Saidi Mwinjuma Mfaume, Amani Wilfred, Basra Doulla, Johnson Lyimo, Riziki Kisonga, Amri Kingalu, Jupiter Marina Kabahita, Ocung Guido, Joel Kabugo, Isa Adam, Moses Luutu, Maria Magdalene Namaganda, Joanitah Namutebi, George William Kasule, Hasfah Nakato, Henry Byabajungu, Pius Lutaaya, Kenneth Musisi, Denis Oola, Gerald Mboowa & Michel Pletschette

Mycobacterium tuberculosis presents several lineages each with distinct characteristics of evolutionary status, transmissibility, drug resistance, host interaction, latency, and vaccine efficacy. Whole genome sequencing (WGS) has emerged as a new diagnostic tool to reliably inform the occurrence of phylogenetic lineages of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and examine their relationship with patient demographic characteristics and multidrug-resistance development.

Published at:  2022-08-05

HIV testing and linkage to care—A case of a mobile diagnostic and counseling service in Mbeya, Tanzania; A quantitative study

Amani Kway ,Issa Sabi ,Willyhelmina Olomi ,Ruby Doryn Mcharo ,Erica Sanga ,Wiston William ,Ombeni Chimbe ,Nyanda Elias Ntinginya ,Lucas Maganga

HIV-care programmes are faced with significant challenges in getting newly diagnosed People Living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (PLHIV) linked to care despite massive investment in HIV prevention, treatment and care. This study assessed the performance of mobile HIV Testing and Counseling service (mHTC) in provision of HIV-testing and linkage to care of newly diagnosed PLHIV from Key and Vulnerable Populations (KVPs)......

Published at:  2022-08-04

Rifapentine and isoniazid for prevention of tuberculosis in people with diabetes (PROTID): protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Authors: Nyanda Elias Ntinginya, Lindsey te Brake, Issa Sabi, Nyasatu Chamba, Kajiru Kilonzo, Sweetness Laizer, Irene Andia-Biraro, Davis Kibirige, Andrew Peter Kyazze, Sandra Ninsiima, Julia A. Critchley, Renee Romeo, Josephine van de Maat, Willyhelmina Olomi, Lucy Mrema, David Magombola, Issakwisa Habakkuk Mwayula, Katrina Sharples, Philip C. Hill & Reinout van Crevel On behalf of the PROTID Consortium

Diabetes mellitus (DM) increases the risk of tuberculosis (TB) and will hamper global TB control due to the dramatic rise in type 2 DM in TB-endemic settings. In this trial, we will examine the efficacy and safety of TB preventive therapy against the development of TB disease in people with DM who have latent TB infection (LTBI), with a 12-week course of rifapentine and isoniazid (3HP)

Published at:  2022-06-10

Health-related quality of life and psychological distress among adults in Tanzania: a cross-sectional study

Authors: Olena Ivanova, Tembeka Sineke, Rebekka Wenzel, Elimina Siyame, Julieth Lalashowi, Abhishek Bakuli, Fidelina Cumbe Zekoll, Michael Hoelscher, Andrea Rachow, Denise Evans, Issa Sabi & Nyanda Elias Ntinginya

Little data is available on health-related quality of life (HRQoL) and mental health of the general population in Tanzania. We aimed to describe HRQoL and level of psychological distress among adults in Mbeya and Songwe Regions of Tanzania.

Published at:  2022-05-24

Clinical-demographic markers for improving diabetes mellitus diagnosis in people with tuberculosis in Tanzania

Authors: Kenneth Cleophace Byashalira, Nyasatu Godfrey Chamba, Yosra Alkabab, Peter Masunga Mbelele, Nyanda Elias Ntinginya, Kaushik Laxmidas Ramaiya, Mohamed Zahir Alimohamed, Scott Kirkland Heysell, Blandina Theophil Mmbaga, Ib Christian Bygbjerg, Dirk Lund Christensen, Stellah George Mpagama, Troels Lillebaek & ADEPT Consortium

Tuberculosis (TB) control is threatened by an increasing prevalence of diabetes mellitus (DM), particularly in endemic countries. Screening for DM is not routinely implemented in Tanzania; therefore, we aimed to screen for DM at TB diagnosis using clinical-demographic markers.

Published at:  2022-03-16

Where can Tanzania health system integrate clinical management of patients with dual tuberculosis and diabetes mellitus? A cross-sectional survey at varying levels of health facilities

Authors: Nyasatu G. Chamba a b, Kenneth C. Byashalira a c, PendoMartha J. Shayo a c, Kaushik L. Ramaiya d, Rachel N. Manongi e, Peter Daud c, Blandina T. Mmbaga a f, Nyanda E. Ntinginya g, Troels Lillebæk h i, Ib C. Bygbjerg i, Dirk L. Christensen i, Stellah G. Mpagama a c

To assess the current Tanzania health facilities readiness in integrating clinical management of dual Tuberculosis (TB) and Diabetes Mellitus (DM) by using the Service Availability and Readiness Assessment (SARA) manual of the World Health Organization prior to implementing an integrated service model.

Published at:  2022-03-03

Filarial Lymphedema Patients Are Characterized by Exhausted CD4+ T Cells

Authors: Sacha Horn1†, Manuel Ritter2*†, Kathrin Arndts2, Dennis Borrero-Wolff2, Anna Wiszniewsky2, Linda Batsa Debrah3,4,5, Alexander Y. Debrah3,5,6, Jubin Osei-Mensah3,5, Mkunde Chachage1,7,8, Achim Hoerauf2,9,10, Inge Kroidl1,11‡ and Laura E. Layland2,10‡

Worldwide, more than 200 million people are infected with filariae which can cause severe symptoms leading to reduced quality of life and contribute to disability-adjusted life years (DALYs). In particular, lymphatic filariasis (LF) caused by Wuchereria bancrofti can lead to lymphedema (LE) and consequently presents a serious health problem. To understand why only a fraction of the infected individuals develop pathology, it is essential to understand how filariae regulate host immunity. The central role of T cells for immunity against filariae has been shown in several studies. However, there is little knowledge about T cell exhaustion, which causes T cell dysfunction and impaired immune responses, in this group of indivi...........

Published at:  2022-01-06

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